Fuel Price Guarantee

Fuel Price Guarantee (FPG) is a unique way to cap the price you pay on fuel whilst still being able to benefit if prices drop.

Help secure fuel costs across your entire fleet with the BP Fuel Price Guarantee

BP’s Fuel Price Guarantee (FPG) pricing option is a new unique way to cap the price you pay on regular diesel whilst still being able to benefit if prices drop. This allows you to protect your business against potential rising regular diesel prices by capping the price* you pay for fuel purchased at any BP station in the UK over a 18 month period.

Find out more about FPG by downloading the FPG Sales Brochure


FPG on BP Regular Diesel offers

• Fuel capped price plan – you do not pay above capped price for regular BP diesel
• Capped price set for up to 18 months
• Benefit from falling fuel prices with regular BP diesel
• Protects against regular diesel price increases
• Protect more than 1,000 litres in multiples of 100 litres
• Fuels protected – regular BP diesel only
• Perfectly suited to small to medium car and van fleets

The Benefits

• Saves you money when prices rise above the cap
• Stabilises your cash flow
• Helps you determine and achieve budget targets
• Helps you with your company’s competitiveness
• Provides you with profit margin protection

Additional BP PLUS Benefits

• Largest single branded fuel network offering over 1,280 BP sites
• Access to partner sites (Esso, Gulf and Texaco*)
• Greater security
• Fuels specially formulated to clean and protect your fleets engines
• Great driver amenities with M&S Food and Wild Bean Cafe
• Earn Nectar points on every BP purchase**

*The capped price doesn’t apply at other sites accepting BP PLUS fuel cards, for example Esso, Gulf or Texaco stations.

**Excludes Marks and Spencer branded products.

Fuel Price Guarantee – FAQ’s


No. The FPG protection would not apply to Esso, Texaco and Gulf petrol sites, although it can be used to fuel your vehicle at these sites.

If available you will be offered a new FPG offer, and you can be moved to a new account (if available). If you choose not
to move, then you can be set up as a normal customer.

Call us on 0113 2727 400 to find out what our current tranche period is.

No. You can choose to cover however many vehicles in your fleet you wish. You can only have cards for the protected vehicles under the relevant FPG account.

No. There is no pressure on you or your drivers and you can fill up based on the amount of fuel you need.

No. We are unable to move protected volume from account to account, however you can set up another authority under a new account (if available).

No. You will need to open another account.

Only when the pump price goes above the capped price.

This is fine, but the unused volume will be lost. If you have taken the monthly payment option then you will need to pay the remainder of the fee before the account is closed.