Discover some of the employee benefits at Be Fuelcards!

Be Fuelcards are a family run business which relies heavily on its staff to keep this ethos constant throughout the company. This is why we love to treat all of our employees as we believe that rewarding them for all of their hard work is a must. By creating a fantastic team environment we can keep the family-run business feel.

On a regular basis, we reward people with many different prizes as having a happy office is great for everyone. These prizes range from days out to cash incentives all with our employees in mind.

We like to think we are a great place to work, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what goes on at our offices. 


Honestly, for me, BE gives you time and patience and all the tools to build you into a hard working dedicated employee. It’s a fun place to work and how I’m treated makes work not feel like a task.

Chris Cottey

BP Fuelcard Specialist

Working at Be has been great. It has that family feel that you don’t get at other businesses and they like to treat you as much as possible!

Oliver Hempsall

Marketing Assistant

Incentives and Rewards

We treat our employees with a whole range of activities and love to reward everyone with prizes on a regular basis, below are just some of the examples of what we like to do for our staff. 

Want to Be part of our winning team? 

If you would like to know what its like to work for a family orientated business visit our careers page. There you will find all you need to know about the current roles we have on offer and how you can apply to get your Be Fuelcards career up and running.