The BP Bunker Fuel Card

Ideal for trucks and buses: Designed to meet the needs of trucks and other major diesel users, at a number of HGV friendly sites at a weekly fixed price for diesel.

BP Bunker Fuel Card

Over 600 bunker sites for bus and truck fleets

If you want a card that’s tailor-made for larger vehicles – like trucks, HGVs and buses – offering an outstanding bunker network and all kinds of ways to help you drive down and control costs, take a look at BP PLUS Bunker.


  • Tailor each card to the vehicle and driver, and set individual purchase parameters (diesel, all fuels and vehicle-related products)
  • Advanced security features, including PINs for enhanced security
  • E-billing – every invoice is sent direct to you via email
  • Simple payment terms to help with cash flow (subject to credit status)
  • HMRC-approved weekly invoices for hassle-free VAT claims
  • Premium quality fuel to keep your vehicles in top condition
  • No transaction fees
  • Better sites offering high-speed pumps, wide lanes, extra high canopies and driver amenities
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