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    • Fuel cards

      The BP Plus Card

      This simple, pump-based priced BP PLUS fuel card gives you access to more than 2,300 BP, Gulf and Texaco sites nationwide. This fuel card offers practical management solutions tailored to suit your fleet, however large or small it may be. More info...

      The BP Plus Card

      This simple, pump-priced BP PLUS fuel card gives you access to more than 2,300 BP, Texaco and Gulf sites nationwide. This fuel card offers practical, innovative and effective management solutions tailored to suit your fleet, however large or small it may be.

      • This fuel card is ideal for fleets of cars and vans
      • The fuel card offers extensive network coverage with access to more than 2,300 BP, Texaco and Gulf forecourts nationwide
      • Simple, pump-based pricing policy
      • Fuel card offers security features to eliminate unauthorised purchases
      • Five flexible purchase options to suit your drivers’ needs
      • Nectar Points rewarded on fuel purchases with fuel card.
      • Lower overall fuel costs
      • Single VAT approved invoice
      • Fleet Management reports
      • Online Account Management
      • Multiple fuel cards by vehicle registration and/or driver name

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      The BP Plus Bunker Card

      The BP PLUS Bunker fuel card gives you a fixed weekly diesel price and is designed to cater specifically to fleets of HGVs, PSVs or LGVs. The fuel card gives you access to over 500 BP bunker sites across the UK. More info...

      The BP Plus Bunker Card

      This fuel card will give you access to over 500 BP-operated bunker service stations across the UK. The BP PLUS Bunker fuel card is designed to cater specifically to HGVs, PSVs or LGVs.

      • Fixed weekly diesel price
      • Fixed price diesel at 500+ HGV friendly 'bunker' sites 
      • Accepted at a further 700 BP service stations at pump-based pricing
      • Easily recognisable Bunker fuel card (distinguished by the ‘B’ on the right hand side of the fuel card)
      • Ideal for fleets with HGVs, PSVs or LGVs using high volumes.
      • Suitable for larger diesel fleets operating on a national level.
      • Commercially based pricing.

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      With our itemised transaction reports, the BP fuel card ensures that you see where your drivers are filling up, how often, and how much each transaction has cost your business. At the touch of a button, you will be able to view detailed reports that make managing your company’s fuel use simple and efficient.

      We’re constantly monitoring all transactions made with your BP fuel card. If we notice something doesn’t look right, we’ll inform you immediately. Whether it’s an unusually high drawing, fuel being purchased outside of your normal working hours, or fuel drawings outside of your usual geographical area, we’ll be sure to let you know.


      Using chip and PIN technology ensures your fuel cards are always secure. BP fuel cards can be personalised to include your driver’s name, or the vehicle registration number, minimising the risk of the fuel cards falling into the wrong hands. And if they do, you can place your fuel cards on stop at any time of the day via our online account management system. Via our secure website you can also order replacement BP fuel cards at any time of day.

      BE FREE

      Our on the road tools offer you the freedom to find your nearest BP site to use your BP fuel card, wherever you are in the country. Simply text our site locator, and we’ll let you know where your nearest BP site is, what facilities it offers and its opening hours for you to use the fuel card. Our sat-nav downloads enable you to add the latest list of BP sites to your sat nav, so you can plan your route and ensure you know where to fill up along the way using your fuel card.

    On the road tools

  • About Be Fuelcards

    Be Fuelcards is an independent agent for BP fuel cards with a wide range of fuelling solutions throughout the UK.

    Our customer base ranges from small businesses using a single site, to large multinational companies with hundreds of vehicles, drawing fuel throughout our comprehensive site network. Whether your aim is to reduce fuel costs, improve administration, or both, we have a fuel card solution for your business.

    Just some of the fuel card benefits that you can expect from a BP card include:

    • Extensive network coverage
    • Single VAT approved invoice
    • Interest free credit when paying by Direct Debit (subject to credit status)
    • Significant reduction in administration time
    • Increased fleet efficiency


    Be Fuelcards has been awarded the Investors in People Standard demonstrating their commitment to realising the potential of their people.

    Investors in People is the UK's leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business.

    Our Story

    Be Fuelcards was originally named Truckhaven Limited. Incorporated in 1987 Truckhaven initially served as a provider of high quality Truckstop facilities. In 1993, our fuel card business was launched, supplying diesel and petrol cards, operating from our offices in Epsom, Surrey.

    In 2005, Truckhaven Ltd was acquired by Bayford & Co Ltd, one of the UK's largest independent fuel oil distribution businesses. At this point, Truckhaven took on Bayford’s existing BP fuel card company, Countrywide Fuelcards, and ran both brands until June 2008. Today Be Fuelcards provides efficient and cost-effective refuelling solutions to more than 7,000 businesses nationwide.

    In 2013 we established ‘The Bayford Foundation’, a pioneering programme aimed at creating sales jobs in the energy industry and resulting in long term career opportunities for local people.


    We're always on the look out for talented individuals. Find out more about our career opportunities here.

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  • Fuelcard Help & Info

    Frequently asked Questions

    • How can I pay for my fuel usage with Be Fuelcards?
    • How do I order additional cards?
    • How do I apply for a fuel card account?
    • What type of products can I purchase on a fuel card?
    • Is the card linked to a driver or to a vehicle?
    • How can Be Fuelcards help my business?
    • Is there a charge for not using a BP Fuel card within a calendar month?
    • Can I still apply for a fuel card that is for personal use?

    On the phone

    0113 2727 400
    • On the road tools

      Find my nearest BP

      With extensive nationwide coverage, you’re never far from a BP site.

      Our easy to use site locator allows you to find a site near to you, or on your route.

      Find your nearest BP now with our site locator tool

      BP Route Planner

      Simplify your journey with the BP route planner.

      This simple tool helps you plan your route and find sites along the way.

      Plan your route now with our route planner tool

      Text Site Locator

      Even when you’re on the road, we can direct you to the nearest BP site.

      Our text facility will take you straight there.

      Find out more

      Sat Nav Downloads

      Our satnav downloads are compatible for most systems, and will ensure your notified of all sites along your journey.

      View all available downloads


    • Site Locator

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      Click on the icons to see your nearest BP BP Plus BP Plus Bunker
    • BP Route Finder

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      Text Site Locator

      Text BP to 83333

      On the road and need to find the nearest Site?

      Text BP or BP Bunker to 83333 for your closest sites.

      Text BP to 83333 and the BP site details closest to where you are will be texted to your phone. Text BP Next to 83333 and you will get the second closest site. BP Bunker which will show the closest Bunker site. (Not case sensitive, can be input in upper or lower case).

      Memorise 83333 on your phone to always stay connected to a BP site.

      Each message response costs 50p plus your network's standard text rate. Service available on all UK & Northern Ireland networks apart from Virgin & 3.

      BP UK APP

      Download the BP App to gain access to a site locator that will keep you on the move across our UK network of 1,100+ service stations and access to your Nectar account - you’ll find all of this on the BP app… and much more! There are no costs involved, the app is free. Simply type 'BP UK' into your app store, click download and away you go.

    • Sat Nav Downloads

      Select your satellite navigation system below and download zip files to your hard drive.

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      • TomTom

        Download the BP station and BP Bunker stations for your TomTom naviagtion system (Version June 2014).

      • Garmin

        Download the BP Stations and/or BP Bunker stations for your Garmin navigation system. (Version June 2014).

      • Navman

        Download the BP Stations and/or BP Bunker stations for your Navman navigation system. (Version June 2014).

      • MioMap

        Download the BP Stations for your MioMap navigation system. (Version June 2014).

      • Sony

        Download the BP Stations for your Sony navigation system. (Version June 2014).

      BP station in the wrong location?

      If you find a BP station in the wrong location, please let us know.

      Send your e-mail to info@befuelcards.co.uk

  • Fuel Card Glossary

    • Acceptance
    • AdBlue
    • Automated Site
    • BP Plus Bunker Fuel card
    • BP Plus Fuel card
    • Bulk
    • Bunker Price
    • Derv
    • Diesel
    • Diesel Price
    • Drawings
    • Drawings Report
    • Filling Station / forecourt
    • Fuel card
    • Fuel card Limits
    • Garage
    • HGV Compatible
    • LGV
    • Minimum Usage
    • Motorway Coverage
    • Network
    • Petrol
    • Petrol Price
    • PIN Security
    • PPL
    • Price Notification
    • Products
    • Pump
    • Pump Price
    • Purchase Categories
    • Service Station
    • Site
    • Site Locator
    • Unleaded
    • Usage
    • Volume
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